Love Truly Matters. Live and Express it with Style.

“Live a Life of Love,” is the constant message expressed by the creator and owner of Love Village Clothing, Quiana Whitt. In her lifelong quest to leave a legacy in this world she decided to make the most of the intersection of her skills in business management, fashion design, community service, and education to develop a company and movement  that exemplifies the many expressions and interpretations of love.”

Love Village™, an inspirational women’s clothing brand that delivers original love inspired fashion graphic t-shirts and garments. Each high quality garment is designed in Chicago, Illinois and is specifically crafted to express love and hope.

We are dedicated to outwardly expressing our love beliefs – empowering others and ourselves through a movement of change and love consciousness. “Love One Another” are words we live by – we believe it is a commitment to our existence.

Providing uniquely custom designed, high quality graphic tees does not end here. Love is activated by action. We strongly believe in loving and serving our community. We have committed ourselves to support multiple organizations and provide healthy channels to enhance young people’s lives in our community. A percentage of our profits are donated to youth and young adult educational, leadership and family enrichment mentoring programs within the United States and Overseas. For more information, please visit, We Love. We Care.™