We Love. We Care.

“Love One Another” serves as the mission of Love Village and sets us a part from many other companies.

For the people of the world to live in harmony, love is essential.  We at Love Village see one of our primary responsibilities to making a better world through continually working for progress and positive change in the communities we serve.  People need people and we believe businesses cannot truly consider themselves successful without the vital component of doing for others being a major goal.  All of this is why we have committed ourselves to the leading our “We Love. We Care.” movement.  This a movement centered around sincere giving that is rooted in love for people and genuine interest in moving toward enhancing the lives of young people in the communities we serve.

Quiana Norals, the founder of Love Village Clothing, lives the company’s mission daily as an educator in the Chicago Public School system.  She dedicates her time and effort to making a better world and brighter future for the upcoming generation. In addition to her career as an educator, for over a decade Norals has actively worked with a number of philanthropic and charitable organizations with local, national and even international scopes.  These experiences have combined to show Norals that structured mentoring and educational programs with stable streams of revenue have profound effects on the lives of young people.  Those experiences also motivate her ambition for the growth of Love Village as an organization to provide such a stream of revenue and support for these type of endeavors.

Love Village has and will continue to collaborate with reputable educational and leadership organizations with commitments to young people and families.  The organizations which Love Village deems worthy of collaboration always share the major tenets of our mission.  We are very proud to be a constant source of positive encouragement for the young people with whom we are privileged to interact.  Our hope is for them benefit from these experiences and interactions with a strong sense of pride and self-worth, along with hope for bright futures.

When patronizing Love Village, customers can be assured that beyond top quality products backed by exceptional customer care, they are supporting a company with a deeper purpose than simply selling clothing.

When you make a purchase with Love Village you are standing up to support the manifestation of love on broad scale and you are showing real concern for the children we serve who need our most sincere support.  For more information on our “We Love. We Care.” campaign or to being a partner in our efforts, please contact us at partnerships@lovevillageclothing.com